A New York Times review of Megyn Kelly’s new book “Settle for More” suggests that Donald Trump may have received a question that the Fox News host planned to ask him at the first GOP primary debate.

In the book, Kelly wrote that a day prior to the first presidential debate, Donald Trump “called Fox executives and said he’d heard that the first question Kelly planned to ask at the debate “was a very pointed question directed at him.””

The Times wrote that this “disconcerted her because it was true.” Kelly’s first question for Trump at the debate dealt with Trump’s “history of using disparaging language about women.” This referred to past comments where Trump called women “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.”

The Times also added that Kelly “doesn’t speculate where the leak came from.”

After the New York Times published this review of her book, Kelly made a post on Twitter, clarifying that she does not believe Trump knew any actual questions that were to be used during the debate.