For someone who claims they love their country so much, you would think Mexico’s ex-President Vicente Fox would accept a lunch invitation to New York by Donald Trump if he thinks the presumptive  GOP nominee is hurting his home country. But alas, Fox followed the crowd by bashing Trump rather than follow common sense by accepting the invitation to conduct productive conversation.

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As stated, Fox was invited to lunch by Trump to discuss the issues internally and externally with Mexico. Fox explained his rejection on CNN’s New Day show. “Now he invited me for lunch. He sends me a message saying, ‘Come and I invite you for lunch in New York,’” Fox said over this past weekend. “I will come if at first you apologize to Mexico, to Mexicans, to Mexican people. And number 2, you apologize to U.S. workers, because you’re not telling them the truth.”

Fox continued to criticize Trump about almost everything, including trump’s tweeted response to the EgyptAir plane crash, calling it un-presidential. Fox also lambasted Trump’s plan to build a wall along the Mexican-U.S. border. “Thank you for the invitation. [Mexico’s] not paying for that wall,” Fox said. Looks like F0x missed a possible opportunity to sit down with Trump and talk about his disapproval like an intelligent politician.