Campus Reform polled several young adults and asked them to match different quotes to either presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton or GOP candidate Donald Trump.

The “quotes” in the challenge include the following:

• “This candidate wore a $12,000 suit while giving a speech about inequality.”

• “Which candidate said they carry hot sauce everywhere they go to ‘pander’ to black voters?”

• Which candidate said, “I want the Iranians to know that if I’m the president we will attack Iran if it attacks Israel. We would obliterate them”

• “Which candidate made a joke about ‘colored people time’ saying that black people are always late?”

• “Which candidate suggested a 12-year-old rape victim made up accusations because she enjoyed ‘fantasizing about older men’”

• “This candidate accepted millions of dollars from the kings of Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Oman.”

The Campus Reform reporter then informed the respondents of the catch: the answer to every single one of those quotees was Hillary Clinton, leaving them stunned.

“Oh, that makes me sad,” one woman replied. “Wow,” another said. A significant portion of the young people said they didn’t exactly trust Clinton. Watch the video below: