A woman who accused Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of inappropriate behavior is vehemently declining to be interviewed by FOX News host Sean Hannity.

Paula Cobia, an attorney for accuser Gloria Deason, wrote in an email to a producer for Hannity that her client would not make an appearance on Hannity’s show. She also slammed Hannity’s coverage of sexual assault victims, which can be viewed by screenshots of the email exchange posted by IR.net’s Ed Krassenstein on Twitter.

“Please tell Sean Hannity that I would never submit a survivor of abuse to the inevitable on-camera bullying and persecution by him,” Cobia wrote. “Mr. Hannity has belittled, defamed and engaged in an on-air intimidation campaign against the victims of Mr. Moore… It is laughable to assume that Mr. Hannity is capable of conducting a fair and balanced interview. He is merely seeking an opportunity to publicly attack and further defame Mr. Moore’s vulnerable victims. Well, that’s not happening. Not on my watch.”

Cobia also criticized Moore’s appearance on Hannity’s show, calling it a “lazy, softball interview.” Hannity has faced sharp criticism from both political sides for his coverage of the Moore scandal after telling his viewers not to “rush to judgment” about the events unfolding. Several companies pulled their advertisements from Hannity’s show in response, including Keurig.

Deason was one of the first women to accuse Moore of pursuing a romantic relationship with her. In an interview with The Washington Post, she admitted she never had sexual contact with him outside of kissing, but that he would bring bottles of wine to their dates when she was an underaged 18-year-old.

Following Deason, nearly ten women accused Moore of pursuing a sexual or romantic relationship with them when they were teenagers. One woman said Moore touched her sexually when she was 14 years old and he was 32.