The Democratic National Committee is experiencing a major shakedown, as three more top officials resign in disgrace over the unethical emails exposed by WikiLeaks.

Just announced Tuesday is the resignation of DNC CEO Amy Dacey, who had sent a fateful “AMEN” to an email from DNC chief financial officer Brad Marshall in a plot to attack Bernie Sanders’ religion.

Marshall also resigned Tuesday.

Another one to bite the dust is DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda, who had approved a FAKE craigslist ad against Donald Trump, among other unethical correspondence.

Just prior to the Democratic national convention, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was forced to resign over her part in the scandal.   She was promptly hired by Hillary Clinton to play a major role in her presidential campaign.

The resignations were announced Tuesday by interim chairwoman Donna Brazile, who said a transition team would help to “position the party for the general election,” reports Reuters.