With a month to go until the Republican National Convention, more delegates are initiating the idea of not nominating Donald Trump, even though he is the candidate who received the majority of the votes and is clearly the people’s choice.

The Washington Post reports about 30 Republican delegates took part in an hour-long phone call this week dubbed “free the delegates” and “anything but Trump.” It was lead by Kendal Unruh, a Ted Cruz backer and member of the RNC rules committee.

These delegates plan to introduce a “conscience clause” at the convention, which would allow delegates to not vote for Trump if they feel it would go against their conservative principles. This would essentially make the primary season completely pointless and ineffective, as delegates would be ignoring the will of voters for the “good” of the party.

For this plan to be successful, the “conscience clause” must be approved by a majority of the RNC rules committee and then by a majority of the delegates, so it would require a tremendous amount of anti-Trump sentiment in order to be enacted. The convention’s rules chair, Enid Mickelsen, has gone on record as saying delegates can unbind themselves.