Perhaps it should be the NBC reporters who brace for a “backlash” after publishing fake news that portrays American Muslims as the real victims in the wake of Tuesday’s terrorist attack.

In a story published on just hours after a jihadi immigrant from Uzbekistan used a rental truck to kill eight people and injure a dozen others in lower Manhattan, reporter Chris Fuchs warned: “In the wake of Tuesday’s attack, some Muslim Americans and community leaders expressed concerns over how their religion would be perceived and whether Muslims would become targets of violence.”

The report went on to quote New Jersey doctor Umer Ahmad, who worried, “My initial reaction was, obviously, concern and shock over what happened. And then, basically, I was wondering if it was a Muslim who did it….My biggest concern is that he’s readily identified as a Muslim and then that is extrapolated out to my own faith.”

The story ran less than 24 hours after the attack. Since then, NBC News has been slammed on social media for focusing on an unsubstantiated idea rather than on those killed or injured in the attack.

“Maybe we should focus on those who were brutally murdered than a backlash you hope manifests,” NRA spokeswoman and author Dana Loesch wrote on Twitter.

“Instead of the story being the barbaric murder of innocents, the media wants the story to be imagined backlash. Disgusting,” said Christopher Barron, co-founder of GOProud, an organization for gay and lesbian conservatives, and president of Right Turn Strategies, a conservative consulting firm.

Said one Twitter commenter: “NBC immediately rushes to accuse Americans of being Islamophobic bigots” after a terror attack that killed eight people.

Another Twitter user wrote: “NBC’s priority in reporting is about ‘backlash’ to Muslim Americans, not that eight people were killed.”

Saipov remains detained after being apprehended following the attack. Federal prosecutors said Wednesday that the suspect was motivated “by hate and a twisted ideology,” and he possessed multiple gruesome, ISIS-related videos and photos, including pictures of people being beheaded, Fox News reported.

He is charged with providing material support to a terror group and committing violence in Tuesday’s attack. President Donald Trump called for the death penalty Wednesday night amid reports that Saipov asked for an ISIS flag for his hospital room.

“NYC terrorist was happy as he asked to hang ISIS flag in his hospital room. He killed 8 people, badly injured 12. SHOULD GET DEATH PENALTY!,” the president tweeted.