Speculation has been whirling regarding who presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump would pick to be his running mate since he debunked the shortlist ran by the media last week. However, new details have emerged from campaign manager Corey Lewandowski in a CBS interview on Tuesday about what Trump is looking for in his choice.

“I think it’s someone who has federal elective experience so they understand how to make sure that they can get his legislative agenda done,” said Lewandowski, who had previously alluded to the pick being someone embedded in politics.

“Federal elective experience.” If this is the case, this rules out those who have only held Governor positions such as the speculated options of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Florida Gov. Rick Scott, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry and New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez. And of course, those with no previous political experience, like Dr. Ben Carson.

This does narrow down the pool to those who have had elected federal experience and have been on the speculation list: House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, Ohio Gov. John Kasich (a former congressman), Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (a former congressman),and Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst . This also includes Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, who was has been on the media VP radar after having a secret meeting with Trump at Trump Tower yesterday.

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Of course, however, Lewandowski insists at the end of the day only one person makes the final decision of who the VP is. “It’s fair to say that there’s one person on this team is going to pick the vice presidential candidate and his name is Donald Trump,” he said.