Fox News recently released a poll on Wednesday to measure out a hypothetical general election between presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. In the poll results, Trump had a 45-42 percent edge over Clinton. The last Fox News poll in April had Hillary in the lead 48-41. This bodes well for the GOP, since a previous Reuters poll had Hillary and Donald neck-and-neck. Now with Trump gaining support, the polls should start to reflect his rise in the results, such as the One America News poll revealing Trump is favored more by Hispanics than Hillary.

Still, Hillary does have significant leads over Trump in the women and African American categories, while Trump leads favorably with men and whites. Luckily, Trump has support from the Independents over Hillary at 46-30 percent.

The most interesting part of the poll is candidate characteristics based on how each voter perceives the candidates on the merit of their honesty and trustworthiness. While Trump leads again over Hillary with 40-31 percent, he still has a large percentage of voters who don’t find him honest or trustworthy at 57 percent. The results of the characteristics poll can be viewed below:

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 7.58.28 PM