Barron Trump and his dad will be making White House history when a portrait of the 45th president of the United States and his youngest son becomes the first-ever father-and-child portrait to hang in the White House.

The famous, 11-year-old first son is depicted being embraced by his father in the portrait, which was painted from a photo taken during the 2016 Republican National Convention last summer, according to TMZ, which broke the story on Sunday.

Artist Barry Wingard painted portraits of both President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump in June of this year and then spoke with his congressman, Rep. Mike Kelly, who agreed to have them sent to the White House. Those two portraits were supposed to be the only paintings sent to the White House. But Wingard had also painted a portrait of Barron Trump and his father in an embrace, which a White House staffer noticed and begged the artist to frame and send along with the other two.

The portraits are a surprise gift from the artist, who is obviously a major Trump supporter.

Kelly said he was moved by the quality of the oil portraits and pledged to do whatever he could to help Wingard get them to the president. To that end, Kelly has already met with Trump’s White House staff about the portraits and says they’ll get a full Secret Service once-over if the president and Melania want them hung.

There doesn’t seem to be any record of other paintings of first children and their presidential fathers framed in the White House, according to TMZ, which called the Barron and Donald Trump portrait a likely “first kids first.”

News of the new painting comes on the heels of a controversial story about the youngest Trump “seemingly favoring casual clothing in photos taken together with his parents,” according to TMZ, which noted that the Inquisitr wrote earlier in the week that Barron was criticized for wearing a red “On Your Mark, Tiger Shark” t-shirt while posing with Donald and Melania Trump. With Barron seemingly having a penchant for dressing in t-shirts, shorts, and sneakers, the Daily Caller had harsh words regarding the child’s fashion sense, saying that he needs to “dress like he’s in the White House” whenever he joins his parents on vacation.

The young children of American presidents have traditionally been left alone by the press, but Barron Trump has unfortunately not escaped the barbed comments of an increasingly hostile press which obviously hates his father so much that they will stoop to attacking a middle-schooler.

However, the joke may be on the haters after the handsome 11-year-old was spotted wearing a J.Crew shirt with the words “The Expert” sprawled across the front, as he exited Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland the day that he and his mother, First Lady Melania Trump, were heading to the White House to officially move in back in June.

The shirt has since been sold out online.

“Whatever his skill set may be, this is the T-shirt that identifies him as the expert,” the J.Crew website states, although it now contains an additional note: “We’re sorry. This item has been so popular, it has sold out.”