A few days ago, London Mayor and devout Muslim Sadiq Khan invited presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump  to come to the U.K. to learn about “true Islam.” While Trump has not responded on the offer, a new poll shows data of how Britons view the religion of Islam in the context of compatibility to British values. Interestingly, a majority of 56% of respondents’ answers claim the religion is not compatible with their values.

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Another question on the poll study was if Brits viewed Islam as a religion of peace or violence. The answers were more polarizing: 32% claimed it promoted peace, while a one-point lead was evident in those who said it was violent, at 33%.

An similar study was conducted earlier in Germany this year. However, unlike their British counterparts, around 61% said “Islam doesn’t belong in Germany” when they were asked about the religion’s compatibility with German values. Furthermore, on another question on the poll, around 51% checked the following option: “Muslims don’t belong in Germany.”