For the second day in a row, the New York Post has published a front cover nude photo of Melania Trump, potential First Lady and wife of Republican nominee Donald Trump.

The New York post printed a nude photo of Melania on their cover Sunday and again Monday.  The images were both taken in 1995, when Mrs. Trump – then Melania Knauss – was 25 and worked as a model, before she ever met Donald Trump.

The New York Post, who endorsed Trump for President in April, is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns Fox News.   The paper’s endorsement is now being questioned, and the photo attacks have sparked outrage among Trump supporters on social media.

The Trump campaign has shrugged it off.   Trump adviser Jason Miller told CNN on Sunday that there was “nothing to be embarrassed about with the pictures — she’s a beautiful woman.”

“Shame on you #NewYorkPost for slut-shaming Melania Trump. The US needs no more neanderthal input to this already disgraceful election,” wrote one outraged fan on Twitter.

“I am appalled and outraged” by the cover photo, read another tweet, adding: “Misogyny is misogyny.”

Several other tweets decried the “attempts to shame” Melania.

I’m not interested in nude photos of Melania Trump, meant to shame her, ridicule her and reduce her to an object. Not relevant. Pass.


No excuse to print photos without consent. Don’t expect much from NY Post, but this is at its worst. 

Photo published for New York Post uses nude photo of Melania Trump on cover

New York Post uses nude photo of Melania Trump on cover

The magazine unveiled racy photos of the former model.