Written by DML
I really miss watching NFL games with my 17-year-old son, especially this year, because he’s a senior in high school.  Next year, he will not be around to watch them with me — he will be away at college.

But, to be honest, odds are very high that I won’t watch the NFL in 2018, or ever again. I haven’t watched a single game this year, due to players protesting our national anthem; strip my son from the equation and I find myself with no desire to watch them play my favorite sport.

With that in mind, you can only imagine my reaction to the news circulating Monday about how much money Roger Goodell wants for running the league into the ground.

According to reports, the league’s head honcho is demanding a salary of $50 million per year, and a private jet for life, in order to stay on as NFL commissioner.

Goodell made the demands in a written counterproposal to the six-man NFL Compensation Committee which is due to debate his pay package on Monday, sources told ESPN.

Earlier this year, all 32 NFL team owners voted to renew Goodell’s contract–which runs until 2019–and nominated the committee to negotiate on their behalf.

However, amid plummeting viewer numbers and anger over anthem protests, some owners are now fighting to take matters back into their own hands.

One man who is standing up is Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

Jones has threatened to block Goodell’s contract with a lawsuit unless all owners are given a say on terms.

Goodell filed his last counterproposal around mid-August and requested $49.5 million in pay – up from approximately $30 million currently.

He also demanded use of a private jet for life and life insurance for his family, according to ESPN.

Joe Lockhart, a league spokesman, confirmed the Compensation Committee will hold a conference call on Monday, but denied every other part of the ESPN report, saying it has “no basis in fact.”

The NFL and its brand are forever damaged. How could any owner support the renewal of a contract for Goodell?  The aloof personality and know-it-all attitude that radiates from this man is sickening. He isn’t worth a contract valued at $5, let alone $50M. I say, dump this guy on his buttocks, and get a real commissioner in place who is a U.S. veteran. I’d love to see a former U.S. general, perhaps Jack Keane, who often appears on Fox News, take over the NFL and put the organization back in order.