It was another sad Sunday as the NFL continued to show its disrespect for the national anthem.

Nearly the entire Houston Texans football team took a knee during the national anthem before today’s game against the Seattle Seahawks.  The team protested comments made by the Texans owner Bob McNair Friday.

While arguing for the suspension of players who kneel for the anthem, McNair said to other NFL owners, “We can’t have the inmates running the prison.” Those comments rubbed the Houston players the wrong way, thus, why the took a knee Sunday.

McNair made the comment during the Oct. 17 meeting in New York City between NFL owners, players and union leaders discussing the anthem protests.

McNair issued an apology for his comments on Friday and then met with players on Saturday. He issued another statement expressing his regret.

A meeting is slated to take place on Monday in Philadelphia, where a coalition players will address immediate concerns regarding the anthem protests. Comissioner Roger Goodell and free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who started the anthem protests in 2016, have also been invited. Kaepernick was also invited to the next meeting between the NFL players and owners.

Each week Sports Illustrated posts a list of players and teams that protested during the national anthem.  Here is there list for Oct 29:

Vikings vs. Browns

All Vikings and Browns players stood during the national anthem. Vikings players locked arms during the anthem.

Raiders vs. Bills

All Bills players stood for the national anthem but Shareece Wright and Mike Tolbert stood behind their teammates again. All members of the Raiders appear to have stood during the national anthem.

Chargers vs. Patriots

Chargers tackle Russell Okung stood with his fist raised during the national anthem. All members of the New England Patriots stood dor the anthem.

Bears vs. Saints

The Saints kneeled before the national anthem and then stood during the Star-Spangled Banner. Many fans in the crowd booed during the kneel. It appears that all members of the Bears stood during the national anthem.

Falcons vs. Jets

Jets linked arms during the national anthem again with CEO Chris Johnson standing with them. It appears that all members of the Falcons stood during the national anthem.

49ers vs. Eagles

Seven members of the 49ers including Eric Reid, Marquise Goodwin, Adrian Colbert and Ali Harold took a knee during the national anthem. Malcolm Jenkins stood and raised his fists for the Eagles while Chris Long placed his hand on Jenkins’ shoulder.

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