The National Football League is fighting to regain the admiration of the American people on this Veterans Day weekend by having its players stop the ongoing protests by showing respect for the American flag, and the US military.

The league has faced pressure amid new outcry over the protests on social media, such as a Facebook page called “Boycott the NFL,” which boasted more than 227,000 followers and asked football fans to skip watching Sunday’s games “in solidarity with veterans around the country.”

In the eight 1 p.m. ET games on Sunday, Fox News is reporting that no players were observed kneeling during the national anthem.

The NFL players’ union previously said its members planned to observe a moment of silence for veterans at Sunday’s games, while various teams planned other Veterans Day tributes, the Washington Times reported.

On Thursday evening, the Seattle Seahawks all stood for the national anthem, including outspoken protester Michael Bennett.  The Seahawks have been one of the teams in the NFL to have multiple players take a knee each week.  Bennett said he would stop his protesting this week to show his respect for the military and its members.