News media is biased. There’s no denying this fact. However, one would think major publications with decades of award-certified credibility would at least show some semblance of fair and balanced news reportage, especially when it comes to a vital decision for the future of the United States. But alas, the infamous New York Times continues to hound, slam and attack presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

They’ve tried a hit piece on Trump’s relationship with women, but it didn’t work — America didn’t bite.   They’ve tried stories about his bankruptcies, but America didn’t care.  And now they have released an article titled “Donald Trump’s Campaign Stumbles as It Tries to Go Big.” The article claims Trump campaign workers are fed up, the staff is disorganized, and that they are all conspiracy theorists who think “Trump Tower is bugged.”  So in other words, they want us to believe that Trump can’t manage a team.  How ridiculous.

But what’s truly troubling isn’t the Times’ over exaggeration on harping on Trump. Many news media publications are already on that trend because Trump sells.  No, what’s truly troubling is their lack of reporting on the malpractices and corruption scandals of Hillary Clinton. While most publications would at least dabble in the topics of Hillary’s personal e-mail servers, lies about Benghazi, The Clinton Foundation fundraising tactics, and shady business deals like Whitewater, the New York Times remains zilch on harming Hillary. The Times won’t even condemn Bill’s infidelity.

We posted an in-depth review of why the New York Times is wrong about their assessments of Trump attacking Hillary not mattering, but here lies a video of Times’ top 15 news stories which underline their not-so-hidden bias: