On Friday morning a representative from Donald Trump’s Manhattan organization asked the city’s commissioner to let Trump speak to a 3 p.m. roll call at the NYPD Midtown North Precinct. The request came in the wake of the murders of five Dallas police officers Thursday during a Black Lives Matter protest over the recent police shootings.

But Police Commissioner Bill Bratton denied Trump the offering of consultation, according to a police source associated with Trump’s head of security Keith Schiller. Bratton spun the offering to speak to New York’s finest by calling it a photo op.

“Our interest is staying out of the politics of the moment, and not to provide photo ops,” he told reporters. “If Mr. Trump wants to speak to me, I would be happy to brief him on what we’re doing. If Sen. Clinton wants to speak to me, I would very happy to brief her on what we’re doing. But we are not in the business of providing photo ops for our candidates.”