O.J. Simpson is irate about recent reports from TMZ that say he became engaged in a drunken scuffle at a hotel bar in Las Vegas on Wednesday. According to TMZ, Simpson, 70, was kicked out of the Cosmopolitan Hotel for good, after allegedly getting drunk and out of control.

Hotel workers reportedly said the recently paroled former NFL star frequents hotel bars, and that he broke cocktail glasses at the Clique bar inside the hotel and casino.

The reports said Simpson had become angry with employees, prompting security guards to remove him, and that the hotel had permanently banned him from the premises.

Simpson claims the report is false. He was asked about the incident while leaving his lawyers office Friday, and, according to parolee, nothing happened at the Cosmopolitan. Simpson is challenging the story in his comments, saying, “It’s a complete lie.”

He said that the report should have been confirmed by the “legitimate media.” Instead, they ran with reports from the tabloid stations.

“The hotel made it clear that the story you saw on that tabloid show wrong, was inaccurate,” Simpson said.

He said parole officers found that the report was “totally bogus,” and that he’s always courteous. Reports that he had been rude or drunk or broke a glass were “completely made up.”

He did not explain why the hotel would have banned him for life.

You can watch the video of Simpson’s denial on TMZ’s site by clicking the READ MORE link below.


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