The Obama administration is marching ahead with accepting bids for the creation of a 500-bed family detention center to house illegal alien women and children.

The facility is in Dimmit County, Texas, roughly 50-miles from the border.  The 27-acre former work camp for oil workers would provide better accommodations than two other family detention centers which have faced complaints of poor food, inadequate medical care and allegations of sexual abuse from detainees, says the US Civil Rights Commission.

“They want to have it with no fence,” said Mike Uriegas, a commissioner in Dimmit County. “They don’t want it to appear like a prison or detention center.”

But Cristina Parker, Immigration Programs Director for Grassroots Leadership, said she and other advocates object inherently to the concept of a detention center for families fleeing violence, regardless of the purported conditions.

“If you are not free to leave, then it doesn’t matter how nice it is,” Parker said. “It’s a prison.”

Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s other two family residential centers in Texas are surrounded by razor wire and high fences.