The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) claims that 300,000 Muslims have registered to vote within the past 8 months, and their goal is 1 million new Muslim voters to go out and vote against Trump in November.

Muslim leaders are asking Imams to encourage their congregations to register to vote, and volunteers have been sent out to recruit voters on college campuses, bus stations, gas stations and mosques across the country – especially in “swing states” where they feel they could have a major impact.

Reuters reported that the campaign began in December.  Nihad Awad, an executive director of CAIR, said they are trying to combat the “unprecedented rise in Islamophobia” caused by comments of Donald Trump.

However, another group of Muslims are supporters of Trump, and say they are trying to build their own coalitions in swing states as well.

Sajid Tarar, a Baltimore businessman, said he started “American Muslims For Trump” because he approves of Trump’s plan to fight radical Islam.  He said ISIS, al Qaeda and the Taliban have killed Muslims too, and he believes Trump’s plan to eradicate these groups will make it safer for Muslims everywhere.

Meanwhile, Obama took time out of his busy schedule recently to film a little video, showing five things that are harder than registering to vote, and he is encouraging people who are not registered to do so.  He is campaigning for Hillary Clinton.