On Tuesday, shortly around noon time, President Obama said, “There is no magic to the term of radical Islam. It’s a political talking point.”   He claimed he doesn’t use the term “radical Islam” for the sake of defeating the enemy.  He said terrorists want the war on terror to be about religion, and so he will not buy into that fight.  So that is why he doesn’t use the term.  He claimed he has never had an expert tell him that using the term “radical Islam” would help destroy ISIS.

According to Obama, “We know who the enemy is, I know who the enemy is — ask the thousands of terrorists we’ve removed from the battle field if we know who the enemy is.”  He went on, “If we paint with a broad brush and declare war on an entire religion, then we give the terrorists what they want.”

He said loose talk about who we are fighting is fueling the enemy.  He called out Trump for repeating his barring of all Muslims from the United States.  “Where does this stop?”, he asked.  He mentioned that the terrorists involved in the Orlando, San Bernardino and Fort Hood attacks were all American citizens.  He failed to mention all their parents come from the Middle East.

“Do Republican officials actually agree with this [Trump’s ban]?”, he asked.  Making it so ISIS thinks America hates Muslims only fuels ISIS, he said in a very upset tone.  “I am very careful about how I refer to ISIL”, he said, “that’s why I don’t use the term radical Islam.”  And yet, this is the same president who called ISIS the “JV TEAM?”

“We don’t have religious tests here”, he said.  Clearly, a rip at Trump’s ban on Muslim rhetoric.

Obama then dovetailed on to gun policy, claiming the U.S. needs stricter policy of purchasing automatic weapons. He said we need better gun control measures to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists.

He also stated measures are being taken to cut off the money flow to ISIS, and he used the opportunity to try to push through a cabinet member.  He tried to make it sound like ISIS is on the run, and said the terror group is having a hard time paying its soldiers. Obama claims he killed 120 ISIS leaders and dozens of groups over in the Middle East. Obama also claims their money supply has been cut off significantly. The American military cut their oil revenue by millions of dollars per month.

Their ranks and morale is shrinking, Obama also claimed. He continued claiming ISIS is at its lowest levels in the last two and a half years, and that ISIS has also lost half its territory. The President in his speech further laments that the U.S. coalition is on offense, and ISIS is on defense.

His speech was unhinged, and instead of bringing the country together, instead of calling out the enemy, instead of calling the terrorist a terrorist, he used the opportunity to fight against his political enemies.  How sad, and how disrespectful to the people of the United States.  He is the most immature, little man we’ve ever given the keys to.