Earlier this week, President Barack Obama announced he will be visiting Hiroshima, Japan later this month, the city that was nuclear bombed in the ending stages of World War II. He is the first sitting president to visit since the bombing, and many are expecting Obama’s speech will contain anti-American sentiments with an anti-nuclear weapon agenda. The White House has denied claims Obama will apologize for the U.S. bombing the Japanese city during a time of merciless war, but did not elaborate the specifics of the speech.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on a SiriusXM radio interview believes Obama will attempt to sell an agenda on the disassembling of nuclear weapons. “I think he’s going to tell us we should all be against nuclear weapons,” Gingrich warned host Stephen K. Bannon. Gingrich further elaborated we should all be against the use of nuclear weapons, but having them on standby in the case of a heavy enemy attack is a necessity.

Gingrich further describes the difference between Donald Trump and Obama, Hillary and some GOP members today on the issue of nuclear proliferation and national security policy. He believes when it comes to the question of “is it good for America?.,” Trump gets it right.

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“If it’s not good for America, [Trump] doesn’t want to do it. Well, the Obamas and the Clintons are surrounded by people – and to some extent, frankly, the Republican establishment are surrounded by people – who always explain to us why we have to give up our advantages, in order to placate somebody, or please somebody, or hold together the U.N., or meet some agreement in Paris, all of it to our disadvantage. And I think what Trump is saying is, those policies may have once made sense, when we were 50% of the world’s economy. They were recovering from World War II, and we had an enormous surplus of power and resources. They don’t make any sense now,” he declared.