Earlier today, the Obama administration released a document to every public in the United States to allow those who identify as transgender to use whichever restroom or locker room of their choice. Yes, their choice, not what is legally stated on their birth certificate. Of course, this document is not certified law, but details within the letter state if a school does not comply with this measure they are on grounds to lose federal aid and are liable to be sued.

The letter has President Obama’s fingerprints of liberal political correctness all over it, complete with signatures from the Department of Education and the Department of Justice. “There is no room in our schools for discrimination of any kind, including discrimination against transgender students on the basis of their sex,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch said in a statement following the release of the document.

However, Lynch fails to address the problem in this new measure: the document states transgender students have no obligation to provide an official record of their self-identification to the school, nor a medical record from a doctor. The document also dismisses the notion of a student being uncomfortable sharing the bathroom with a transgender, clearly giving precedent to the transgender over the majority. Simply put, a transgender student can use any bathroom of their choosing with no accountability.

The Human Rights Campaign, a LGBTQ organization, lauded the document’s guidelines as “groundbreaking.” As for Port Neches-Groves (Texas) Superintendent Rodney Canvass, a leading official in a public Texas school district, he’s sending the document “straight to the paper shredder.” Many believe this new document is to counter North Carolina’s recent blockage of a law requiring transgenders to share bathrooms with males and females, as well as to further enhance Obama’s “political legacy” on social reform. November needs to come faster.

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