As the race to the November election becomes more intense, and once presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump becomes the official nominee, Trump will get access to intelligence briefings.

Providing top level security information to the nominees for both parties is one of the longest standing traditions since the Roosevelt era.  This is to prepare them in the case that they win the presidency. This measure was installed when sitting president Franklin Roosevelt died and VP Harry Truman was unprepared to take over.

The intelligence briefings would be done at a classified and secured facility, and while not all classified information will be shared, a significant amount would be unveiled to both candidates to prepare them for stepping in. The individual who gives the OK on the briefing though, is the current sitting president, which would obviously be Barack Obama. This OK won’t be given until an official party nomination is set.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 11.20.49 AMOf course, critics of Trump are coming out of the woodwork:  “[Trump’s] never held public office before,” CIA analyst Aki Peritz said in a statement to NPR. “He’s a business developer and a reality TV star. So if the United States starts giving Donald Trump classified briefings with certain kinds of sensitive information, it could be a disaster.”