This actually rather disgusting. Hundreds of heated protesters clashed Tuesday afternoon in the humidity just streets away from the GOP convention, at times throwing urine at one another.

Cleveland police confirmed some protesters had filled water guns with urine and were spraying the guns at those they disagreed with or hated as the different factions clashed in Public Square.

Among those demonstrating were faction members of the Westboro Baptist Church, KKK, Black Lives Matter supporters and men wearing the popular Guy Fawkes masks for Anonymous. Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones briefly scuffled with protesters Tuesday before the altercation was diffused by Cleveland police. And early Tuesday morning, a pair of environmental and immigration activists scaled the flagpoles at the nearby Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to hoist an anti-Trump banner.

Police worked to keep the different groups from literally killing each other, especially as the situation grew tense as the heat thickened and RNC’s momentum grew stronger. He added that as the mobility in the area was tough, many people were growing hotter, more aggravated, and more violent.