Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton struck different tones of response following the France terror attack Thursday nigh. Not only did Trump cancel his VP announcement, but he made it clear he wants to get tough for a declaration of war against ISIS. Clinton, meanwhile, is calling for greater “intelligence gathering” to fight terror groups.

The two major party candidates’ responses again highlighted the sharp differences in their foreign policy stances, with Trump reiterating his belief that the U.S. needs to be “tough” in its response to terrorism while Clinton gives more of the same political inactiveness.
In Nice, France, a driver plowed into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day, killing more than 70 people. Although it was not immediately clear whether the assailant had pledged allegiance to ISIS. Based on recent polling, more people are in favor with Trump’s approach to tackle the problem head on rather than sit by the sidelines and “gather intelligence” as more attacks unfold.