In a local Wisconsin radio interview, Paul Ryan revealed he will be meeting with Donald Trump Thursday in D.C. to discuss plans of the GOP nomination and the political race.

“I don’t go into Thursday with huge expectations other than just to have the kind of conversation that we need to start having so that we are getting ourselves on the same page as a party,” Ryan told radio host Stan Milam of WBEL radio. While Ryan has remain hesitant in backing Trump as the GOP convention chairman, Trump is excited at the prospect of sitting down and acquainting with Ryan and other GOP representatives.

“I look very much forward to meeting w/Paul Ryan & the GOP Party Leadership on Thurs in DC. Together, we will beat the Dems at all levels!” Trump tweeted.

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Most of the GOP leadership are not familiar with Trump, but this opportunity to sit down and discuss plans of unifying the Republican Party will be the next step in getting Trump farther into the race come election in November in order to beat Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic candidate.