In New York City on Monday at the New York Economic Club, House Speaker Paul Ryan met with Ivanka Trump at her request.

According to Ryan’s office, Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, shared campaign updates with Ryan during their “productive conversation.”

“It was a productive conversation where Ryan spoke about his 2012 experience and Ivanka shared updates about her father’s campaign,” Ryan’s aide said.

Ryan also shared with Ivanka Trump what he learned when he was on the 2012 Republican ticket as the party’s nominee for vice president.

The relationship between Ryan and the Trump family seems to have gotten much better as the campaign has gone on. After Trump won the GOP nomination, Ryan declined for weeks to endorse Trump. Ryan has also publicly condemned some of Trump’s comments and statements throughout the campaign. Now, both Ryan and Trump have supported each other in their elections as a show of party unity.

During Ryan’s speech on Monday he even joked about his own daughter’s new political position during. He revealed that she won her school election to become vice president of her 9th grade class at her high school in Wisconsin.

“It goes to show that at least somebody in our family can get elected to vice president, so we broke that curse,” Ryan joked.

Following Ryan’s speech, in a Q&A, the speaker claimed the chief actuary for the health insurance company BlueCross BlueShield told him that the Affordable Care Act is collapsing ahead of schedule