The bond and friendship of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan has officially collapsed. Once 2012 running mates attempting to undo the Obama presidency, the two are caught in an ideological divide as House Speaker Ryan is now (reluctantly) endorsing Donald Trump and Romney is the head figure of the Never Trump movement.

Ryan faced criticism, hostility and tough questioning Friday for his decision to endorse Trump, and he tried to explain to an audience against the New York mogul the factors leading him to back the presumptive GOP nominee. The meeting was held at the Romney Summit in Park City, Utah.

Ryan’s closed-door session — attended by nearly 300 elite Republican donors and business executives — highlighted the ideological fallout between he and his friend and ally, Romney over support for Trump.

The House Speaker explained the political situation he was in, as the leader of House Republicans. While spending weeks last month deliberating about an endorsement, numerous Republican members increased pressure on him to endorse Trump. Many of them represent districts where Republican voters are strongly supportive of Trump, Ryan explained.