House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi held a press conference at the Capitol on Thursday, and was asked a simple question, “Do you think that the U.S.-Mexico border is secure?”

Pelosi did not directly answer the question, instead noting that she had just taken a trip to Mexico, and stated that more people are actually returning to Mexico than are coming into the United States.

Meanwhile, newly released U.S. Census Data revealed that illegal immigration grew by 57 percent in the past two years, with 550,000 new illegal aliens arriving during the two-year period of 2014-2015… enough to equal the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Pelosi said:  “I think it’s important to note–I just took a delegation, a bipartisan delegation, to Mexico and migration was one of our issues, TPP, national security always first and foremost the issue–and the fact is, is that we have a negative migration. More people are going back to Mexico than are coming into our country.”

“And the idea of building a wall there–a barrier rather than a bridge.  Anyone familiar with the region – and I am to a certain extent – been there many times, to El Paso or Laredo, McAllen, all those places along the border.

“Go to El Paso. It’s a community with a border running through it.  People come back and forth and buy their groceries, see their families, some go to school.”

“It is a beautiful sight to behold, I have to say.  “So the thought of building a wall there is wrong. And people in Mexico have concerns about what that means in terms of disrespect for them.”

“But I don’t see many people writing about the fact that there are more people going back to Mexico than coming into the United States.”