Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez says that the reason Democrats won two, key gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia is that the candidates are “sane.”

“People are so sick of these Twitter tirades. They want leaders they can be proud of. And that’s why people like Phil Murphy and Ralph Northam were able to win – because they’re sane,” said Perez on an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Wednesday morning.

According to Perez, Murphy and Northam are “people who are speaking to the issues that people care about. They actually care about facts. They actually care about making sure people have a good job and a good opportunity. They’re not playing the politics of division.”

Slamming President Trump for “trying to divide America,” the DNC leader said his party’s greatest strength continues to be “unity.”

“The politics of division are not what we want in New Jersey and Virginia and elsewhere,” said Perez.

Perez also explained the Democrats’ strategy for this off-year election, saying, “The formula for every one of these races was organize, organize, organize, get good candidates and lead with your values.”

Perez credited the “most extensive coordinated ground game in Virginia history” as being one of the reasons for Northam’s big win in the governor’s race, adding that voters in key states wanted to stick to the issues on Tuesday, not partisan divides.

“Talk about the issues that matter most to people. Facts matter right now, and what we learned from all these races yesterday is, this tale that the Affordable Care Act’s a disaster – that’s not the reality on the ground for people,” Perez added.