Facebook’s CEO is a staunch liberal who pushes for amnesty and cries for more visas to bring in foreign workers.
He was also accused of having stolen the idea for Facebook from his two college friends who are twin brothers.

The following was allegedly written by the lawyer hired by the twins:

“I believe I can say, ethically, that the case did involve allegations that Mark ‘stole the idea for Facebook from the Winklevoss twins,’ but, if one is talking merely about ‘ideas,’ such an allegation would rarely be actionable in a court of law.

“The case was more about whether a contract or other legal relationship had been formed between Mark and the Winklevoss brothers, which led to allegations of related claims. The case was settled before trial.”  

The point is, it appears to be in Zuckerberg’s DNA to “do the wrong thing” for his own good. Anyone who pushes amnesty and hires foreign workers typically does so for one of two reasons — in some cases, both reasons. (1) They want cheap labor. (2) They are connected in some way to someone who is an immigrant, often an illegal immigrant.

Many believe that Zuckerberg’s ideology is the bedrock of Facebook; meaning, the social media giant is left-leaning in its rules and approach to just about everything. Conservatives often complain that Facebook treats them unfairly and censors their ability to express themselves freely. Knowing this, unless you’re a liberal, it sort of begs the question: “Why use it?”

If there was a conservative alternative platform, would you leave Facebook and Zuckerberg’s rules behind?