Claims of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and rape are grabbing headlines on a daily basis.  It all started with allegations against Fox News host Billy O’Reilly.  Then it was Harvey Weinstein, the acclaimed film producer is accused of abusing women over the decades.   The women who stepped forward to make claims against O’Reilly and Weinstein encouraged an army of victims from Hollywood, cable news, media and politics to step up and voice their allegations against the men who allegedly acted in unacceptable and inappropriate ways.

Whether these allegations are all true, half true, or completely false, there is no hiding in today’s social media driven news cycle.  Judge Roy Moore, Kevin Spacey, Louis CK and Sen Al Franken are just a few names to appear in the headlines this month and as a result, all appear to be in hot water for the long term.

But whether these men are eventually found to be guilty or innocent, there has been one common theme when it comes to how their stories are being reported… the presumption of guilt supersedes their presumed innocence.

So the question becomes, “How did Bill Clinton escape the many sex-related accusations made against him?”

The head of the New Hampshire GOP on Friday urged the state’s Democratic Party chair to drop former President Bill Clinton’s name from a major fundraising event.

The push came as sexual misconduct allegations against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama and Democratic Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota have dominated media coverage — in turn reviving debate over the longstanding allegations against the former president.

The New Hampshire Democratic Party on Friday held their annual Kennedy-Clinton Dinner, which is their main fall fundraising gala. The dinner is named after Clinton and former President John F. Kennedy.

Hours before the event, state Republican Party Chairwoman Jeanie Forrester took aim at the New Hampshire Democratic dinner.

“Tonight, New Hampshire Democrats will gather to honor the President Clinton. At a time when Harvey Weinstein and Senator Al Franken have had credible allegations of sexual assault, and as liberals across the country start to finally denounce Bill Clinton for his past lewd behavior, the New Hampshire Democrats should immediately denounce and remove the name of a sexual predator from their main fundraising dinner,” Forrester wrote.

Asked by Fox News if the state Democratic party should have a conversation about taking Clinton’s name off the dinner, party Chairman Raymond Buckley said, “I think it would be an interesting conversation right after we see the resignation of Donald Trump.”

Asked again, Buckley responded that “I think that once we see the Republican Party really stand up and represent the real values of America, I think we can have a number of other conversations about other officials. But right now this country, this world, is under assault by Donald Trump and that’s really the most pressing issue.”

We ask you, “Do you believe the women who accuse Clinton of rape?”