Written by DML
The new DML NEWS APP 2.0 is now available for free on Google Play (Android) and Apple IOS (iPhone). Go to the Google Play Store, or the APPLE App Store and search DML NEWS APP. The logo is black and white and says DML NEWS APP. The developer is Mark Sutter.

The DML NEWS APP has many new features when compared to version 1.0. Some of them we’ve rolled out today, others we will slowly release over the next few weeks and months.


The Trending tab offers four new features.
(i) Instead offering the 30 most recent headlines, it now offers 120.
(ii) A refresh button at the top right.
(iii) A search field at the top.
(iv) Headlines change to darker shade after you’ve clicked story. This lets you know what you’ve seen.

The VIRAL tab is exclusive to the DML NEWS APP.  Meaning, we only post these videos to the DML News App. We will be using the VIRAL tab to post most of the videos from our tour around the USA stating May 15.

The LIFE tab links to the MissMaryCafe.com blog which covers everything but politics.

The POLITICS tab is a feed of tweets in real time as they are published from the biggest names in politics . NOTE: DML ALERTS for THE TRUTH will be listed in this section each day at 10am. Follow the link to watch me live on Facebook each day.

INTERACT tab provides links to all our chat rooms, store, and much more.  It also links directly to the replay of THE TRUTH (video and audio).

What you won’t find now, but will find soon…

DMLNews.com is quickly becoming the most reliable news aggregator on the Internet. Currently, my personal website DennisMichaelLynch.com mirrors the stories on DMLNews.com, but that’s about to change.

In the days ahead, an all new DennisMichaelLynch.com will launch with original articles not found on DMLNews.com.  These are written by myself and Tracy Matheson.  The site will also offer the replays of THE TRUTH, and my random Walk & Talks, Wine & Talks, and a whole new line of videos we have planned to produce.

There will be another area of the website dedicated to the emails you send me, and my responses to them.

Last but not least, I will offer never-before-seen photos and videos taken over the years of filming and delivering the news.  Plus, we will add exclusive photos and videos from my national tour, along with descriptions and status updates about projects I am engaged in, e.g. films, books, etc.

Another addition to the DML NEWS APP will be the TEAM DML page soon to launch on DMLNews.com.  This will replace the TEAM DML group page on Facebook. We expect to launch that feature in late June.

As for watching THE TRUTH in real time on the DML NEWS APP — meaning, without having to be part of Facebook — we are working on this feature and plan to role it out late summer.

My poll question today is: HOW DO YOU LIKE THE DML NEWS APP 2.0?