Today, DML News posted a video from Fox News. It’s getting a lot of play on our website.

The video is of primetime host Tucker Carlson expressing his frustration with the GOP and President Trump over what appears to be a real softening on the DACA issue.

DACA, which was illegally put into effect by President Obama, offers “Dreamers” the ability to remain in the United States without fear of deportation. They are permitted to work, drive, go to school, take student welfare, etc., etc.

DACA was rescinded by Trump more than a month ago. However, he gave Congress six months to come up with a plan to legalize DACA, and promised the so-called “Dreamers” they’ll be okay. He has also cozied up with amnesty-happy Democrats on the issue, working with people like Sen. Schumer and Rep. Pelosi.

Democrats have cheered like crazy over this decision, and are now bragging to the left-leaning media outlets that Dreamers will be receiving full-blown amnesty, according to Carlson.

Carlson points out that Trump and the GOP were not given a majority in D.C. so they could hand over amnesty and chain migration to a pool of nearly 1,000,000 illegal aliens who have been in the country since childhood. Carlson warns that the GOP and Trump will be completely ignoring the people who voted them into office if they push an amnesty for Dreamers.

We ask you today, are you in lockstep with Carlson or do you say it’s okay to legalize DACA?