President Donald Trump escalated his Twitter battle with basketball patriarch LaVar Ball, calling him “a poor man’s Don King” and an “ungrateful fool” Wednesday morning.

Trump’s latest tweet adds gasoline onto the firestorm grabbing headlines between the two men.

The continued feud is over Trump’s role in securing the release of one of Ball’s three sons from a Chinese jail, where he was held for shoplifting while on a tour of the nation. Ball has rebuffed Trump’s demands for credit, saying it was Chinese President Xi Jinping who freed his son.

Personally, I’d like to see Trump drop the Ball feud and focus on items that are far more important. For example, I would prefer a tweet about the DML News report we did yesterday that highlights the Dept. of Homeland Security and how the agency is giving contracts to foreign companies in Mexico and Latin America to make 70% of the uniforms worn by TSA employees.  Not only does this break the rules, it goes against the “make America great again” concept.

The question for you Wednesday is this: Is Trump carrying this too far?  Should he just move on and treat this Ball guy as irrelevant?