The situation at the southern border is getting worse by the day.

Migrants from Mexico an Central America are entering the US at alarming numbers. According to one DML News informant who works the southern border, the flow is getting worse and repeat criminals once deported are returning.

“For as long as they can get a job in the US they will continue to flow in,” said the border agent.

For weeks, Dennis Michael Lynch has been calling upon the president to sign an executive order demanding companies use mandatory e-Verify or else pay hefty fines for each illegal alien employed.

A passionate reader of DML News contacted Lynch and offered to help spearhead a national campaign to get Americans to sign an online petition to be presented to the White House. The petition would call for the president to sign an executive order for mandatory e-Verify. For a petition of this kind to be effective, it must grab 100,000 signatures. Would you sign such a petition?