The “bounce” Hillary Clinton experienced in the polls after the Democratic National Convention has now been erased, and her support among independents is eroding, according to recent polls.

In many of the key battleground states, polls show Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are virtually tied in the presidential race. 

As of September 12, out of 14 key states, Trump was ahead in two, Clinton was ahead in six, and they were tied in six states.

It is important to note that these polls were taken before Clinton’s “medical episode” at the September 11 memorial ceremony.    The following battleground state poll result summary is from polls conducted from August 19 through September 9, courtesy of Heavy.

ARIZONA: Trump is leading by 2.2 percent.   He has won three of the last five polls in Arizona.

COLORADO: Clinton is leading by 8.5 percent.  She has won the last four polls, with a lead from 5 to 12 points.

FLORIDA:  Candidates are TIED.   Trump is up by an average of .01 percent, and the past six Florida polls consistently show the candidates are virtually tied.

GEORGIA:  Candidates are TIED.  Trump is ahead by .5 percent and has won three of the last four polls, by 2 to 4 points, then tied in the fourth.

IOWA:  Candidates are TIED.   Trump is ahead by an average of .8 percent. He won two polls, tied in a third poll, and Clinton was ahead by 3 percent in the fourth.   Although Trump did win the last Emerson poll by 5 points, since the lead keeps going back and forth, it is considered a virtual tie.

MICHIGAN:  Clinton is leading by a 6 percent average and has won the last three polls, but only by single digits.

MISSOURI:  Trump is clearly leading by a 6 percent average.   He was ahead by 9 and 10 points in two out of three polls, with Clinton ahead by 1 percent in a third poll.    Most recently, Trump was leading by 9 points.

NEW HAMPSHIRE:  Clinton is ahead by an average of 5 percent.  She won the last three polls, but most recently only had a 1 percent lead.

NEVADA:  Candidates are practically TIED.   Clinton has an average of a 1.5 percent lead, but still within the margin of error.

NORTH CAROLINA: Candidates are TIED.  Clinton currently up by .8 percent, but out of the last four polls, Trump has won two and Clinton two.

OHIO: Candidates are virtually TIED.  In the polling average, Clinton is currently up by 2.5 percent, but a Quinnipiac poll had Trump leading by 1 percent, and an Emerson poll showed the race is a tie.

PENNSYLVANIA:  Clinton is leading at 6.2 percent.   She has won the last five polls in the state, from 3 to 8 percent.

VIRGINIA: Clinton is leading with an average of 6.3 percent and won the last three polls.   However, the most recent poll showed her up by only 1 percent.

WISCONSIN – Clinton is leading by an average of 4.4 percent.   In the last three polls, she’s been ahead 3-5 points.

In another interesting state race, Fox13 Salt Lake City reports that Trump has a huge lead over Clinton in Utah, where he has 39 percent of the vote, compared to 24 percent for Clinton.

Third party candidates appear to be taking a lot of votes from Clinton, as demonstrated in the graph below.