The online civil rights organization, Color Of Change PAC, is targeting Silicon Valley companies and employees in an effort to prevent them from supporting presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.   One CEO of a major Silicon Valley corporation has already succumbed to the heat.

CEO of INTEL,Brian Krzanich, abruptly cancelled a fundraiser he had planned to host at his home, within hours after the event had been announced.  Then he sent out a Twitter message, clarifying that “I do not intend to endorse any Presidential candidate.”  Shareholders were pounding him on Twitter for ever considering hosting a fundraiser for Trump in the first place.

I do not intend to endorse any Presidential candidate. We are interested in engaging both campaigns in open dialogue on issues in technology

Silicon Valley corporations and their shareholders have gotten fat off the H1B visa program – 74 percent of all Silicon Valley computer and math workers ages 25-44 are foreign-born.  Now many of them are coming out in vocal opposition to Donald Trump, due to his opposition to foreign labor over American citizens.

Color of Change PAC announced it has put up a number of billboards targeting Silicon Valley, urging the companies to refrain from supporting the Republican National Convention.  The organization is already taking credit for pressuring companies such as Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Coca-Cola to reduce or eliminate their financial support of the RNC, in protest of Trump’s nomination.

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Color of Change spokesperson Rashad Robinson said Trump “encourages racism and hate speech” and any company who sponsors the Republican “Trump-led” convention is “endorsing rhetoric that brings out the worst in America and incites violence.”

“Companies, many of which claim to value diversity in the workplace, have the power to send a strong message that racism and other forms of bigotry are bad for business, bad for their brand, and will not be tolerated,” Robinson said.