Protesters demonstrated Tuesday outside the site of the annual conference of a conservative student organization, accusing the event’s organizers and featured speakers of white supremacy, and claiming that they were “programming” attendees to be the “next generation of patriarchy.”

Turning Point USA Student Action Summit is taking place this week at a convention center in West Palm Beach, Fla., where approximately 30 protesters showed up bearing signs with slogans, such as, “Hey Nazis, Leave those kids alone.”

The demonstrators were met by approximately 60 counter-protesters from TPUSA.

Alex Newell Taylor, a co-organizer of the protest against TPUSA, and head of the local Women’s March chapter, said, “Our mission is to stand up for people in our society who are marginalized, who have their power taken away by institutional racism and institutional oppression. It is my responsibility to be out here, to say that some of the presenters at this conference are pushing an agenda that has been hateful, and divisive, and dangerous toward people in this country who are not the majority.”

Taylor alleged that the most egregious white supremacists are Steve Bannon, who did not attend the conference, and Tomi Lahren, a Fox News commentator who spoke Thursday.

Protesters also accused Indian-American conservative commentator and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza of white supremacy. D’Souza spoke at the summit’s opening ceremony Tuesday night.

“I wouldn’t call anyone a white supremacist who doesn’t call themselves that,” Taylor added.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, approximately 2,500 students, some as young as 15, are in attendance at the four-day TPUSA conference.