In an effort to pull over the African American youth majority who supported Bernie Sanders, one rap star is planning to go all out with a special concert in Cleveland, Ohio to persuade them to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Black Lives Matter supporter Jay-Z (aka Shawn Carter) and his wife Beyoncé have been public supporters of both Obama and Hillary Clinton.   They wrote a $1.5 million check to the Black Lives Matter group in February, and Beyoncé appeared at a fundraiser with Clinton in May.

Now Jay-Z has announced plans for a special get-out-the-vote concert for Clinton in Cleveland before Election Day, according to  The date and venue location has not yet been announced.

In her race against Bernie Sanders, Clinton won nearly 76 percent of the African American voter over all, but Sanders actually won 52 percent of the vote from African Americans under age 30.

Clinton only has a 1.5 point lead over Trump in Ohio, according to average polls, so the plan is to win the state by pulling over the African American voters.

Clinton has put out a campaign ad claiming Donald Trump is a bad example to children, but Jay-Z and Beyoncé have been warmly embraced.

Jay-Z has campaigned for Democrats before.   In 2012 he and Bruce Springsteen got 15,000 people to show up a concert in Columbus for Obama the night before the election.


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