There was something different about Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Billings, Montana Thursday afternoon.

It wasn’t the crowds – people poured in by the thousands, just as they have at every rally Mr. Trump has held across America.  The first group to get in the front of the line arrived at the Rimrock Auto Arena at 10 p.m. Wednesday night, and spent the night there.  The arena was filled to capacity with an estimated 12,000 people by the time the rally started Thursday afternoon.

What was so rare and different about this rally?   There were no protesters.   Security didn’t have to carry anyone out.  No police cars were smashed, no rocks were thrown, and no insults or obscenities were yelled at anyone.

One supporter, Sandy Peterson, who attended was interviewed by the local news after the rally.

“People of Billings and the surrounding areas in the state of Montana can be extremely proud of their respect of this potential president. There were no people in there protesting. They were all courteous. I think that’s probably a first for Donald Trump. But that’s Montana for you,” she said.

Trump 157 Billings MT

Everyone who attended wasn’t necessarily a Trump supporter – some came because they were just curious and wanted to learn more about the candidate who has shattered all records in the political campaign process.

Others came because they wanted to be a part of the process – just to see what it feels like.   Such as Ryan Park, who is Canadian.  He can’t vote, and before the rally, he wasn’t even sure if he “supports” Trump, but he wanted to learn about him.

“Canada is completely engaged in this American election just like the rest of the world. And if you can have an opportunity to see somebody in your back yard, to be a part of it, to understand what people are thinking, how they’re feeling, and actually to just be a part of it, I think that it’s a win-win situation,” said Parker.