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Deputies in Van Zandt County, along with officials from the SPCA of Texas, on Tuesday took custody of 87 animals they say were being cruelly treated on a rural property near Canton, about 30 miles east of Dallas.

According to an SPCA news release, 50 additional dead and decomposing horses were found on the East Texas property.

The article goes on to state the following:

“It was just a sea of dead horses,” SPCA of Texas spokeswoman Victoria Albrecht told the Star-Telegram. “It was just heartbreaking.”

Authorities found 70 live horses, nine donkeys, six pigs and one longhorn on the property and relocated them, according to the release. Some of the horses had become so desperate for nourishment that they were eating the bark of the trees on the property.

The SPCA received a complaint of suspected animal cruelty and visited the property on March 3. After seeing horses with overgrown and cracked hooves and other animals suffering from malnourishment, open sores, hair loss and diarrhea, representatives from the organization began working with property owners on caring for the animals, the release said.

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