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LANSING, Mich. (AP) — More than 500,000 able-bodied, nonelderly adults in Michigan’s Medicaid expansion program would have to work or meet related requirements to keep qualifying for government health insurance under a revised bill that cleared a major legislative hurdle on Wednesday and is expected to become law.

The Republican-controlled House voted 62-47, almost entirely along party lines, to advance the measure back to the GOP-led Senate, which could vote as soon as Thursday. If Gov. Rick Snyder signs it into law, as expected, then starting in 2020, adults age 18 to 62 would have to show workforce engagement averaging 80 hours a month — work, school, job or vocational training, an internship, substance abuse treatment or community service.

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Changes made to the Senate-passed bill on Wednesday would allow for three months of noncompliance in a 12-month period, scale back the work requirement from 29 hours a week, exclude traditional Medicaid beneficiaries from having to comply and let community service count as a qualifying activity for no more than three months in a year. The measure also would tweak rules for Healthy Michigan enrollees once they have been in the expansion program for four years.

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