Data compiled by a new study finds that despite Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proclamations about the gender pay gap in the city, Emanuel himself has failed to close the gap on his own payroll.

Former President Obama’s pal Emanuel, who was once Obama’s chief of staff, is being called out for the hypocrisy of using the pay gap to score political points while not actually closing that disparity himself.

Reporting on a study by government transparency nonprofit Open the Books, The Washington Free Beacon says that on Emanuel’s 2016 payroll, only 12 of the top 100 salaries for city employees were for women.

Adam Andrzejewski, who runs Open the Books in Chicago, voiced his criticism of the findings, considering Emanuel has issued official mayoral proclamations establishing Women’s Equal Pay Day in the city and asking Chicago employers to adopt a “commitment to advance equal pay for women.”

“Mayor Emanuel has serious gender gap issues in budgets he manages yet he supported rallies on Equal Pay Day and sent out mayoral proclamations lamenting, ‘women continue to suffer the consequences of unequal pay,’” Andrzejewski said. “Perhaps he should rectify the disparities in his own payroll first.”

Emanuel is a longtime Democrat who espouses liberal opinions, including making Chicago a sanctuary city. He told Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients that they are welcome in the city of Chicago after President Donald J. Trump’s White House announced the repeal of the program in September. Emanuel quoted the Chicago Sun-Times, who noted that about a third of the city’s students are undocumented citizens, according to school officials.

First elected as Chicago’s mayor in 2011, Emanuel recently came under fire for boasting that he “reinvented” the City Colleges of Chicago, and bragging that the graduation rates and the number of degrees awarded have soared since he took office. But according to nonpartisan investigative group Better Government Association, since 2010, City Colleges has made its curriculum easier and violated rules, bestowing degrees on current and former students who didn’t ask for them, thereby skewing the statistics.

Now, Open the Books’ analysis of Chicago found that after compiling salary figures, the highest salary in Chicago went to aviation commissioner Ginger Evans, a woman. She brought in $400,000 in 2016, but she was a lone representative of her gender at that level. The next 14 best paid employees were all men.

From the Beacon:

The amount of money brought in by the highest paid men dwarfed the amount paid to women.

“The 88 top-earning males made $17.5 million while the females earned $2.5 million,” Andrzejewski found.

According to Andrzejewski, the government is one of the “worst offenders when it comes to the gender gap,” despite political gesturing and rhetoric.” He says politicians need to leave the private sector alone while they address the inequality on their payrolls.

Liberal-leaning mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, was also found lacking by Open the Books. In findings released last month, they revealed that just 3 of the top 200 highest-paid city employees were women.