Just a few blocks from the World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan, New York, six people, including three pedestrians, were injured in what police are describing as a road rage dispute Thursday afternoon.

New York police officials reported that the incident started between two livery cab drivers. The driver of a Lincoln Continental struck a Ford Explorer at an intersection, then continued down the street until it rear-ended a red Mercedes SUV in the next block.

The Lincoln ended up on the sidewalk, and the driver, who has not been publicly identified, was taken into custody.

Fox5 reported that one witness, Hector Freytes, said people scattered as the car sped along Liberty. He says a woman near him in a crosswalk dove out of the way and suffered a leg injury. Freytes says he’s “in shock.” 

Three pedestrians, one cyclist and two drivers were all taken to area hospitals, but police said none were considered life-threatening.

This is a developing story.