Too much vodka and OJ? Whatever he consumed, O.J. Simpson allegedly was drunk when he became engaged in a scuffle at a hotel bar in Las Vegas Wednesday, reports TMZ.

Simpson was kicked out of the Cosmopolitan Hotel for good after allegedly getting drunk and out of control.

Hotel workers told TMZ that the former NFL star has been spending a fair amount of time in local bars since his release from prison just prior to the Las Vegas massacre.

TMZ reports that Simpson, 70, broke cocktail glasses at the Clique bar inside the hotel and casino.

Simpson became angry with the workers, prompting security guards to respond and remove him from the hotel. Simpson was cordial to security, but he has since been permanently banned from the hotel, sources told TMZ.

A police dispatcher referred to Simpson by name — saying, “Orenthal is here,” — in an audio recording obtained by TMZ. The dispatcher apparently thought Simpson was at a pizza shop inside the hotel, according to the tape.

“He’s actually sitting inside the bar, he was asking about the pizza shop,” the dispatcher said.

A witness, meanwhile, spotted Simpson inside the hotel shortly after midnight.