The shocking revelation — that “57 out of every 100 jobs in Silicon Valley requiring a bachelor’s degree or higher are filled by someone who wasn’t born in the U.S.” — comes from Silicon Valley Leadership Group president Carl Guardino in a new report put out by Breitbart this week.

The news that foreign nationals now outnumber Americans in tech jobs comes as Ivanka Trump leads an initiative to increase educational funding for the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields.

The first daughter even helped secure $200 million of the Department of Education’s grant funds towards STEM fields, Breitbart News reported. However, the Trump administration has largely been ignoring the issue of mass immigration and several visa programs which have led to Americans being replaced by foreigners in those jobs.

Interestingly, Ivanka also endorsed a plan for Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, which would have the potential to lead to a chain migration whereby between 9.9 million and 19 million foreign nationals enter the U.S. over the next few decades.

Nearly 500,000 Americans graduate in the STEM fields every year, but they’re forced to compete with a booming foreign-born population in the United States and foreign workers who are imported by outsourcing firms and major tech conglomerates, according to the Breitbart report.

“For example, the H-1B visa, which brings more than 100,000 foreign workers to the U.S. every year, has been used quietly by tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook to import a cheaper, foreign workforce. The H-1B visa allows for Americans to be displaced from their white-collar jobs, and sometimes they are even forced to train their foreign replacements as a stipulation of their severance,” said the report.

“Every year, more than 1.5 million illegal and legal immigrants are admitted to the U.S., with the current foreign-born population booming to an unprecedented high of roughly 44 million individuals. Mass immigration to the U.S. has been at the expense of American workers in the working and middle-class who have been forced to compete with foreign labor while their wages have remained stagnant.”