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POHOA, Hawaii — The massive Kilauea volcano continues to erupt — sending lava into residential neighborhoods — and toxic gas into the air. The Big Island, home to nearly 200,000, has also been rocked by earthquakes, including its most powerful earthquake in more than 40 years.

Police have surrounded the community where the eruption is occurring. Not just because of the lava, but also the deadly fumes. The spewing lava and toxic gasses are showing no signs of slowing down.

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A powerful 6.9 earthquake struck the Big Island on Friday, the largest in 43 years.

Since then, several new eruptive cracks have opened up in the residential community of Leilani Estates. Each are hundreds of yards long, splashing lava into the air and flooding streets.  Two houses have burned and thousands have evacuated.

“The smoke was really getting thick and you can really smell it in the air,” said Herschel Hood. He tried to convince his neighbor to leave with him

“He just refuses to go,” Hood said. “I’ve been to him twice today and he won’t leave.”

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