Written by DML
According to a new report from the Government Accountability Office,  American businesses are not being given the opportunity to make uniforms for the U.S. government. Instead, foreign companies from south of the U.S. border are receiving the contracts.

I cannot express how much this upsets me and goes against the idea of making America great again.  It also goes against the rules (described below).

The United States government has a responsibility to the citizens and companies of this country.  Call me crazy if you want, but I believe U.S. based companies should be receiving the contracts to make 100% of all uniforms purchased by our government agencies and military.

In my opinion, President Trump needs to respond to this new report immediately; whoever is guilty of breaking the rules needs to be fired.  This is one time when President Trump’s Twitter account can make a strong impact.  He needs to send out a tweet demanding The Dept. of Homeland Security follow the rules and support American businesses instead of funding the cheap-labor companies in Mexico and Latin America.

I hope you agree with me.  I hope share this report.

“The Homeland Security Department buys more uniforms from Mexico and Central America than it does from within the U.S.

Just 42 percent of the department’s uniforms are from the U.S., the Government Accountability Office said Tuesday.

By contrast some 30 percent came from Mexico, 10 percent from El Salvador and 6 percent from Honduras, totaling nearly $75 million in spending over the last three years.

Those purchases fly in the face of rules that say Homeland Security, like much of the rest of government, is supposed to buy textiles that are grown or processed in the U.S. when it comes to national security cases. That chiefly means uniforms for the law enforcement branched of the department, such as the Border Patrol, Transportation Security Administration and the Secret Service.

Homeland Security officials are aware of the rules and include language in contracts trying to follow them, the GAOsaid.

But in reality, there are a number of exceptions that prevent the Buy American rules from having a serious effect on government contracts.”

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